Welcome to Astha College of Education, Hatkot( Kunihar)s


About Hatkot Kunihar
Hatkot Kunihar is small town popularly known as Chhoti Vilayat. The population of this Town is approx. 10,000. State Capital is just 40 K.m. from this town. Town is centrally located. It is accessible from all surrounding villages. The town has flourished as one of the attractive business centers in this area. Geographically, this town is resided in plain Terrain surrounded by beautiful small peak tops with Pine Trees.

About Astha College of Education:
Astha College of Education is situated on Solan-Arki Road near CHC Kunihar. The premises of the college comprise of one big multistory building. Play ground and Assembly ground etc. Starting with beautiful entrance there is an excellent provision for Class Rooms, Library, Staff Room, Principal Office, E.T. Lab., Computer Lab, Activity Hall, Multipurpose Hall, Common Room and Wash Room etc. All are well equipped and furnished with modern facilities; Community Health Center, Two Public High School and one GSSS are in the vicinity of this college. Campus is surrounded by green fields and Pine Tops can be seen from the college building. Thus there is an absolute learning Environment.

Goals & Objectives of the Institution :

  1. To inculcate intellectual, moral and spiritual values among teacher trainees for the advancement of the country.
  2. To appreciate and respect all faiths and foster religious harmony as well as national integrity.
  3. To train teachers, who will imbibe the cultural and spiritual treasures of the land.
  4. To provide adequate knowledge and skills of teaching and learning in the young trainees and develop a positive attitude towards teaching profession.
  5. To strive for and achieve high standards of education.

Conduct Rules:

  1. Student will be required to conform to the Rules and Regulations of the College which may be issued time to time. They are also expected to maintain discipline, a proper standard of personal conduct.
  2. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  3. Student of the college is not allowed to appear in any other examination simultaneously prohibited under HPU Norms.
  4. If in service a student must produce a relieving certificate from his/her employers.
  5. Smoking, use of drugs or any kind of intoxicants is strictly prohibited.
  6. Continues absence from the college without permission for a period exceeding 10 days shall entail struck off the name from Roll.
  7. Dress Code in campus is compulsory. Any student without dress will be fined by Principal.
  8. Every transaction will be through draft only.
  9. First installment will be as per described by H.P. University.
  10. Principal has full power to impose fine for late arrivals in campus, to take disciplinary action against misbehave by any student.
  11. Students are bound to pay all the fine/dues and any other amount which will be applicable from time to time.
  12. Rupees five will be charged as fine for getting absent in one period.
  13. Minimum 25% of marks in each subject in house examination is compulsory to be eligible for annual examination.
    Students are not allowed in joining/indulging any political party in the premises of the College.